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4 HR Secrets To Motivating Employees

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Top 5 Free Open Source And Free Software For HR Professionals

Technology is an important tool in the HR professional toolbox. The proper software can help elevate your career as an HR professional. Learn about the top 5 open source and free software for human resource professionals.

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Get An HR Career With No College Degree

Learn how to get a career as an HR professional without a college degree. Do not let a college degree prevent you from starting your career in Human Resource Management. 


Stop Making HR Mistakes: Start Using Checklists

How do high-stake industries such as aviation and construction avoid making critical errors: checklists. Learn how to make the perfect checklist for HR professionals and stop making errors.


Top 5 Must Have HR Subscriptions

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Master The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

This snackable text-based e-learning course will help you master the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) in less than 10 minutes per day. 

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Top 5 Job Sites

Finding a job shouldn't be difficult. These are the top 5 websites to land your next career.

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Best Hashtags To Find Your Next Job

How to use social media and hashtags to land your next employment opportunity. Leverage social media to create leads and find your next career. 


What is Snackable HR?

Snackable HR is short-form content that is easily "digestible" for the consumer. Snackable content is clear, concise and optimized for digital consumption. The average human attention span is 8 seconds. Social media has conditioned us to create and comprehend content based on 280-character limits and 15-second videos. The goal of  snackable HR is to deliver highly focused HR concepts in an easily digestible and retainable format.

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