Text-Based E-Learning Review

What is Arist:

Arist is an e-learning platform that allows creators to build engaging “snackable” content courses delivered through texts. Arist courses range from 5-30 days and feature text, images/GIFS and questions with learner responses and custom  feedback. Once you write your content for your course, building the course in Arist is extremely simple and quick. After I created my course content, building my snackable course in Arist took only 30 minutes to complete. 


Why text-based courses?

The average human attention span is 8 seconds. Social media has conditioned us to create and comprehend content based on 280-character limits and 15-second videos. The goal of short-form or snackable content is to deliver highly focused concepts in an easily digestible and retainable format. Arist accomplishes this goal by leveraging SMS texts to deliver the content to subscribers everywhere. As long as your learner has a phone capable of receiving a text message, they can enroll in your course. Arist touts studies from Stanford and UPenn about the effectiveness of text-based learning over video, web or app-based courses. Unlike traditional LMS platforms, 94% of users actually complete text-based courses and because courses are delivered through text messages, courses are accessible to over 90% of the population.

Snackable HR Course Preview Built Using


How to create courses:

The ease of creating courses is one of the best features of Arist. The course builder is easy to navigate and input your content. Creators have access to all the power features you would expect including full course analytics, enrollment lists, and subscriber responses. Arist groups your subjects by days and with the ability to create courses up to 30 days long. The course builder allows you to input text-based content, website links, videos, GIFS, and even emojis.

Review of Arist Course Builder  



Pricing for Arist is very straightforward and affordable. Unlike most e-Learning platforms, Arist offers a fully functional free plan that allows for unlimited authors, courses, and up to 10 learners. Their “starter” plan includes everything in the free plan plus expands up to 25 learners for $49 per month. The highest plan is the “growth” plan that includes everything in the starter plan plus custom onboarding, SSO, and LMS integration for $99 a month.



If you’re looking for an innovative micro e-learning platform that offers affordable pricing and ease of use, then Arist is the perfect option. Their free plan allows users to test out the platform without any financial commitment or short trial periods. If you’re interested in experiencing Arist, try out my latest snackable course on the Fair Labor Standards Act FLSA.



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