Community Is King: Why Community (Not Content) Is King For HR Professionals

In 1996, Bill Gates famously declared "content is king", and it has remained the golden rule of marketing. However, for modern day HR professionals, community is king and content is the key to the kingdom.

Developing a community fosters a sense of belonging, and empowers your workforce. Autonomy and purpose are the pillars of employee motivation. By developing a community in your workplace, HR managers unlock the key to motivating your employees and thus retention. 

To build a community, HR professionals must create content that engages their employees. The best form content to actively engage today's workforce is snackable content. Snackable content is short-form content that is easily "digestible" for the consumer. Snackable content is clear, concise and optimized for digital consumption. The average human attention span is just 8 seconds. Social media has conditioned us to create and comprehend content based on 280-character limits and 15-second videos. The goal of snackable HR content is to deliver highly focused concepts in an easily digestible and retainable format.

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