SnackableHR.com is a short-form digital platform for human resource professionals, employees, students, and organizations. The website offers "snackable" HR content through a freemium model. Got a few minutes? That’s all you need to learn more about the HR landscape. The top HR topics delivered in short-form content that can be enjoyed in 10 minutes or less. 

What is snackable?

Snackable is short-form content that is easily "digestible" for the consumer. Snackable content is clear, concise and optimized for digital consumption. 

What is short-form or snackable HR?

The average human attention span is 8-seconds. Social media has conditioned us to create and comprehend content based on 280-character limits and 15-second videos. The goal of short-form or snackable HR is to deliver highly focused HR concepts in an easily digestible and retainable format.

Who created Snackable HR:

Vince Lamartina is an organizational development and human resource management professional. Vince holds an MPA and specializes in employee engagement and organizational strategy. He has secured strategic partnerships with Fortune 500 companies such as Group 1 Automotive, Lithia Automotive, and Sonic Automotive Group that resulted in over $3 million in gross annual revenue. His work has been featured in MarketWatchBenzinga, and Digital Journal

HR Culture Blog:

The HR Culture Blog is another form of free short-form or snackable hr content available on SnackableHR.com. The blog focuses on relevant topics that are currently impacting the HR landscape.